What lies beneath obsessive thoughts?

We are imbued with sentiments of guilt and disappointment, phobias, and unreasonable expectations from childhood, which we ignore and dismiss. It may be far easier for you to convince yourself that you are a nasty person who requires excessive attention from others than it is to confess that you felt this way as a child because of your parents. Similarly, the intrusive thoughts that plague you could be a result of prior stress and trauma.

“I am a terrible mother.” “I think my friends secretly despise me.” “I’m chubby and unattractive.” Obsessive ideas continue to bother us from day to day after they have arisen. The worm of doubt in our abilities and traits begins to sharpen our intellect with the smallest failure. We have a better understanding of what is truly going on in our heads.



Mariam Megrdichian (Mar's Thoughts Abroad)

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