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How marketers convince us to buy things we don’t need

Neuroscience breakthroughs enable advertisers and marketers to gain a deeper understanding of our minds. Furthermore, their methods of persuading customers are so easy that they never cease to astonish. How can impulsive spending be avoided?

It’s simple: elicit certain emotions in us, advertise with hypnotic phrases and attractive images, modify the color, lighting, and music in the store slightly, and we’re ready to make a (unnecessary) purchase.

David Lewis, an American neuropsychologist and the founder of Mindlab International, an independent research consulting organization, explains such manipulation techniques and how to counteract them. He is known as the “Father of Neuromarketing” since he was one of the first to apply neuroscience methodologies to the study of buyer mental activity. Here are some interesting facts from his book “Neuromarketing in Action”.

Products that help us reach the perfect standard

Advertisers have long used the technique of evoking a sense of inadequacy and demonstrating a route out. “Tell people the world is hazardous, that they don’t have enough of this particular car, and that their teeth aren’t white enough in general,” says American marketer Jona Sachs. “Then give a magic tool — your product, and you’ll leave them with no option.”

Some forms of mass media lead you to believe that this is the only way to get the respect of your coworkers and the love of your loved ones.

Marketers turn dentists’, cosmetologists’, and plastic surgeons’ expensive services from an unpleasant necessity into our greatest need and desire. Imagine these treatments as a method to improve one’s beauty and boost self-esteem, and a person will not hesitate to spend money on a panacea.

However, in recent years, selling via inferiority has been overtaken by a new strategy: future marketing, which sends a message to the buyer that makes him a hero and reminds him of his immense potential.

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