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If you remember my article about spending a day in Manhattan as we were in New Jersey for a wedding. after spending a day in Manhattan, having a wonderful time and the wedding we headed to visit Boston, my husband’s birthplace. I heard so much about Boston that I was really impatient to see it with my eyes.

Boston is a fantastic city that should be on everyone’s list of places to visit in the United States because it has so much to offer.

Boston is one of America’s oldest and most historically significant cities.
Boston, with its rich history, outstanding sports leagues, and vibrant American culture, is a must see today. Every turn in the city reveals a different facet of the city’s personality.

To be honest, Boston has become one of my favorite cities, and I am already looking forward to my second visit: this time, we will visit during the summer, when the locals say that the city is completely different in the summer, with colorful trees and an active outdoor life similar to that of Europe.

Though some say it’s not a good idea to visit during bad weather on your first trip, I didn’t mind walking in the cold rainy Boston at all. If it was that lovely during the gloomy season, I can only image how lovely it will be in summer.



Mariam Megrdichian (Mar's Thoughts Abroad)

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