Anxiety — personal experience

Anxiety manifests itself in the form of fear, dread, and discomfort. It can make you sweat, make you feel perplexed and anxious, and make your heart beat faster. It’s possible that it’s a natural stress reaction. You may be nervous when confronted with a difficult circumstance at work, before passing a course, or before making big decisions.

Keeping your thoughts “free” isn’t always easy. There aren’t many things you can do to help someone who is suffering from anxiety. So all you can do now is wait.

Well, there are many different types of anxiety, and determining which one you have might be difficult. A trauma might be caused by a single condition that has several underlying difficulties.

As a result, a childhood trauma is the most typical cause of anxiety. Whether it’s a family issue or simply some child’s mistreatment (which can be both physical or only with words).

Childhood is both the most vital and the most vulnerable time of our lives. A child may hear a term, be in an uncomfortable scenario with family, be abused at home or at school, or be neglected or unheard. And all of these circumstances will cause us to hide our emotions, making it difficult to cope with them in the long run.

Personal experience



Mariam Megrdichian (Mar's Thoughts Abroad)

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